What We Offer

Protect The P.A.T.H acts as a convener and national intermediary in numerous projects and programs. By leveraging the scale of our network and sharing resources from various partners across the country, Protect The P.A.T.H. is able to provide crucial support and structure for the following programs.

Protect the P.A.T.H. serves as a resource and asset for various organizations and entities dedicated to ending human trafficking and slavery.  Protect the P.A.T.H. programs and services are as follows:

Awareness Resource and Development

Work with organizations to create and develop the following:

• Create Awareness and Develop Marketing Campaigns
• Public Service Announcements
• Document Production
• Videos and Trailers
• Statistics and Metrics
• Measures of Success
• Conferences & Seminars
• Training and Education

Facilitate and provide a collection of all viable information from around the globe when it comes to human trafficking and slavery- victims, organizations, and various entities will be able to use this resource to gather this information and determine various measurements of success.

Infrastructure Development

• Assist with development and creation of infrastructure
• Assist with building the business model from within the organization
• Help the organizations achieve sustainability
• Serve as an Executive Management resource for organizations

Mentorship Programs

Develop and facilitate restoration and rehabilitation programs for Survivors of human trafficking.

Fundraising Development

Serve as strategic partner to help create and facilitate the following:

• Kickstarter Campaigns
• Crowdsourcing Campaigns
• Special Events
• Experiences
• Auctions
• Corporate Partnerships

Global Resource Network

Use our global network and extensive database of contacts to attract and direct resources by providing the following:

• Network of Global Experts
• Database of Contacts and Resources

Advocacy Initiative

Serve as an advocate for changing legislation regarding human trafficking at the Federal, State and Local levels.

Rescue Assistance

Serve as a liaison to rescuers of human trafficked victims.